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Our office is specialized in gathering evidence in a judicial conflict, both in a corporate and a private context. The assignments are executed in all objectivity, in strict confidentiality and in absolute discretion.

We have been operating in Turkey since 2012 den under the association.

Private investigators do not enjoy any privileges, derogations from the effective laws or particularly favourable measures, favouring the private detective’s profession above the ordinary citizen.

We absolutely make sure not to violate the privacy legislation, the right of personal portrayal, as well as the penalty rules regarding the ban on corruption of public officials, etc.

SV Investigations has been known for years for its integrity and expertise, and one wants to keep it this way. This means that we only accept those assignments which we think are a good thing and on the other hand, that there is a real possibility that the matter can be resolved by us. With this we want to make it clear that we do not always say "yes" to a customer but also, if necessary, say "no".

We work with or at the request of law firms with various specialties. If there is a good cooperation between the investigator’s office and a law firm, it can not only be very useful but also it can lead to extraordinary results in many cases. We are also working on an international level with several recognized professional partners.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an introductory meeting, without any commitments attached.

Deliklitaş Mah. Hamamyolu Cd. No:53 Kat:4 Eskisehir TURKEY

Tel: 0090 222 221 71 / Gsm: 0090 542 685 26 00

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